FI(A) – CRI(A) / IRI – Senior Flight Instructor


BFS Evo is looking for experienced instructors for its training sites of EBCI and EBLG.


Available positions :

  • « FI(A) » => « free-lance » instruction on SEP(L), training sites of EBCI and EBLG :

Free-lancer status required, remuneration in function of the hours flown


  • « CRI(A) / IRI » => « free-lance » Instruction on MEP(L), main training site of EBCI :

Free-lancer status required, remuneration in function of the hours flown


  • « Senior Full-Time Instructor », combining the ratings of FI(A), CRI(A), IRI and instructing on SEP(L) as well as on MEP(L) for the main site of EBCI :


Instruction for PPL, CPL, SEP, MEP and IR, ratings, full-time employee status, remuneration as per industry standards


Prerequisites for all FI(A) and CRI(A)/IRI candidates :

  • EASA Part FCL Licence : ATPL(A) or CPL(A),
  • Valid SEP(L) Class Rating and/or valid MEP(L) Class Rating,
  • Valid EASA Part Med Class 1 Certificate,
  • Valid ELP Certificate (minimum level 5),
  • Valid FI(A) Rating and/or valid CRI(A)/IRI Rating ;

Additional prerequisites for FI(A) candidates :

  • Initial FI(A) restrictions lifted (=> authorised for 1st solo in circuit and 1st solo navigation),
  • Authorization for Night Instruction written on licence,
  • Authorization for CPL Instruction written on licence

 Additional information for « Senior Full-Time Instructor » candidates :

  • 38h (full-time) of weekly presence required (instruction in flight and i
  • Flexibility to operate occasionally from the training sites of EBLG et EBNM (main working site is EBCI)



All candidates are invited to e-mail their CV, motivation letter and copy of their licence to :


Didier Lequeux

BFS Evo CFI (Chief Flight Instructor)




Remarks : :

  • Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for a Skype interview.


  • Successful candidates will then be invited to the main training site of Charleroi (EBCI) for the last phase of the selection.


  • Candidates applying without fulfilling ALL prerequisites will not be contacted.


  • Priority will be given to instructors trained by BFS