Glider training for free – Exclusivity in Belgium by the Belgian Flight School


Starting your professional pilot training by the discovery of the engineless flight, it’s possible and it is what the Belgian Flight School is offering its student pilot joining the integrated program.This incredible exclusivity in Belgium is possible because of the partnership with the Cap Vol à Voile based on Temploux Airport. Before starting the training the school wants its student to feel what it is to have wings and to sharp their skills.

From Monday to Friday for two weeks the BFS students enrolled in the integrated program under the given conditions will have theoretical classes in the morning and flight training in the afternoon.

Theoretical classes :                Flight training :

Meteorology                      Total of 10 flights with instructor
Radio and phraseology

For a registration before the first of July 2017, students will be able to attend the glider training from the 3rd of July until the 16th of July 2017

For all registration before the 30th of July 2017, the training will be from the 14th of August and the 27th of August.

Availability limited for this offer

For more information or registration to benefit of the offer contact us :


+32 (0) 71 34 55 10