Private Pilot License

PPL is an European license, dedicated for leisure purpose only. It allows you to fly under visual flight rules. You can even bring passengers with you !

Candidates will learn how to fly an airplane, from takeoff to landing, across the country and across borders. This module includes ground courses (+/- 100 hours), given 3 evenings per week and flight training.The flight training program itself is divided into three phases.

1. Core phase (general flying). Candidates will learn the basic flight manoeuvres of an aeroplane (climbs, descents, turns, stalls, acceleration, deceleration,…)

2. Circuits (Touch & go’s). During this phase, candidates will learn how to takeoff and how to land an aeroplane (in many different conditions). They will also learn basic radio-communication procedures. The first solo flights are performed during this phase

3. Cross-country (navigations). This phase will teach candidates how to prepare and fly from point A to point B with ground visual references. First with an instructor and then solo.

« Distance learning » course is also available in French.

✈ 45 hours of flights
✈ 129 hours of ground courses

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Le coût élevé de la formation de pilote de ligne représente souvent un frein à beaucoup de candidats talentueux, méritants et motivés. Afin de rendre cette formation et ce métier le plus accessible, BFS travaille avec la banque BELFIUS pour vous proposer des solutions de financement adaptées.

Les financements proposés ont été spécialement développés pour vous permettre d’entreprendre votre formation dans les meilleures conditions. Pour plus d’informations concernant les financements disponibles, n’attendez pas et contactez l’agence spécialisée :

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