Belgium’s leading flight training
organization for airline pilots

Since 35 years, the BFS is training people with the same passion, aviation. The school is known for its professionalism and enthusiasm to train and follow its students along their entire career. Our large variety of options gives a theoretical and practical customized training to our future pilots. The unlimited access to the sky is our goal for you !

Whether you are a student, an employee or retired, the Belgian Flight School and its team put everything together to give you those wings you have been dreaming about.

The organization is approved by the Belgian Civil Aviation Authorities (BCAA) BE/ATO-018, on behalf of the Joint Aviation Authorities (EASA), to train airline pilots according to current European regulations (EASA / JAR-FCL).


BFS Charleroi

Specialized in pilot training for more than 30 years, BFS offers you its knowledge, experience and energy to train you under the highest standards, established in accordance with the airline companies. Equipped with a modern equipment and infrastructure, BFS offers you the highest quality training for your airline pilot training!

Check out our trainings page for more details or call us at 0032 71 34 55 10

We also have three FNPT II flight simulators.

BFS Liège

This section of BFS, based at the airport of Liege-Bierset (known for the density of air traffic), represents a perfect infrastructure for the private pilot training in the region of Liege, but also for a large part of the airline pilot training.

Equiped with a standard and seriously maintained fleet, BFS Liege allows you to make your dream come true, and maybe your job!

For more details regarding BFS Liege, or to book your trial flight, feel free to contact Cédric BUSCHGENS at this number 0032 4 235 88 08

Flight Simulator

BFS also uses three ultra modern simulators type FNPT II, built by the Swiss manufacturer Elite, worldwide known for the quality of its material.

It is a teaching aid extremely useful on which the student pilot will spend approximately 45 hours, learning instruments procedures and flights. This exceptional tool allows the student to learn in the best comfort and security conditions.

The simulator can be used 24 hours a day and adapts itself to the student’s personal schedule. Moreover, the weather conditions do not affect the use of the simulator! Finally, its reduce cost allows a large economy on the total cost of the training!


Other services

In addition to our training programmes, our school also offers a number of additional services, both for individuals or companies:

– Incentives
– Trial flights
– First flights
– Presentations and conference organization
– Training and technical consultancy services