• Make sure that you know everything about our school, our programs and our pre-entry requirements. If necessary, contact us or set up an appointment with a school representative.
    Contact us by mail : info@bfschool.aero
    Contact us by phone : +32 71 34 55 10 (Charleroi) / +32 4 235 88 08 (Liège)
  • Contact the Belgian Embassy or Consulate in your home country in order to set up the administrative process related to the delivery of a tourist/short term visa (this visa will allow you to take the medical exam as well as the selection/evaluation tests at the school).
  • Set-up a financing plan.
  • Set up an appointment at the Center of Expertise of Aviation Medicine in order to take the class 1 medical exam. The invitation letter that you will receive from the medical center will allow you to complete the tourist visa application
    Register yourself for the selection/evaluation tests at the school. Therefore, fill in the registration form located at the end of our brochure and send it to us along with the following documents :

    a. Copy of your ID/Passport
    b. Copy of your diploma
    c. A CV
    d. A motivation letter in English (one page)
    e.  Copy of your class 1 medical certificate (as soon as possible)

    The registration confirmation that will be sent to you by the school will allow you to complete your tourist visa application

  • If the selection/evaluation tests are successful, sign two copies of the student contract that the school will send you.
  • You will then be able to start the procedure related to the issuance of an education/long term visa at the Belgian Embassy or Consulate in your home country.
  • Execute an initial payment of 10.000€ on the school account.
  • Once the payment has been executed, the school will send you a registration certificate in order for you to complete your education/long term visa application. In case of refusal of visa issuance, 90% of the amount paid in 7) will be refunded upon presentation of proof of official document.