Theoretical Examination Center


Belgian Flight School is so proud, honored and excited to announce some HUGE news !

Our school is now recognized as an OFFICIAL EXAMINATION CENTER for EASA theoretical exams !

No more endless waiting to get your exam dates, you may pass your official exams directly with us, recognized throughout Europe.

As from The 27th of May 2020, we will be able to offer such a nice panel of theoretical exams, namely :

Sessions will be organized every month !

Each sitting will be from 9AM till 1PM. This means that you can present as many subjects as possible but you have to be done by 1PM (15 minute-breaks between each subject included).

Price : 75€ VAT incl./exam.

Our next sessions for 2020 : 

Our next sessions for 2021 : 

More information and registration : exam@bfschool.be or +32 71 34 55 10

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Volgende Cursussen

-09/11/2019: Nacht-cursus

-28/12/2019: FI-cursus

-09/11 december 2019: MEP-cursus

-25/26 Januari 2020: FI vernieuwen

-Maart-april 2020: Academic entry GEÏNTEGREERD

-Maart-april 2020: Academic entry ATPL

-Maart-april 2020: Academic entry PPL

Belangrijke Datum

-07/12/2019: Ceremonie, overdracht van de vleugels